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 How do I apply the cream?

A single pump applied topically to the thin body parts (e.g. inner wrists, inner elbows, and behind knees), or as directed by your practitioner.

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 What is the dosage of the active ingredients in your products?

4Balance and 2Restore have approximately 28.9mg of Progesterone per pump.

2Revive has approximately 32mg of progesterone, and 1mg of a biest containing .8mg of Estriol and .2mg of Estradiol per pump.

2Renew has approximately 1.4mg of Estriol per pump.

4 Male has approximately 12.1mg of Progesterone and 30.3mg of Chrysin per pump.

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How long does the cream take to absorb into my skin?

You will see it absorbed topically within a few minutes. It will become fully absorbed after 10 minutes.

How do I know how much I need and how often?

Your Practitioner will direct your dosage after you have your baseline saliva test. However we do have some general guidelines you can follow.

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Why do you have a warning label for the State of California on the bottles?

The state of California has over 700 ingredients that they have deemed as possible cancer risks, based on a variety of studies. It is a requirement to have this warning on anything that may be sold in the state of California, so we are complying with their state law. Please see our list of articles, there is more in depth information listed there.


Here is a resource that may be useful for understanding Prop 65 and progesterone:

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Can I purchase from you if I am not a business or a practitioner?

Kajarin is a wholesale company working directly with practitioners.  If your practitioner does not carry products in the office they can approve you to purchase from us.  Ask your provider to reach out to us about this.

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What can the GABAahh cream be used for?

Practitioners can use GABAahhh with patients who are experiencing symptoms of anxiety, insomnia, night time waking, night time leg cramps.

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