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About Us

It is the mission of Kajarin to promote wholeness and healing through a return to the natural wisdom and vitality inherent in the body. In this way, your patients can return to health and to their truest calling - being who they are meant to be.


When we age, we often lose the enthusiasm to become all we were meant to be. This is frequently due, in part, to declining health and decreased hormone production. Without proper hormone levels, many patients find themselves suffering a multitude of symptoms and instead, can end up living a life of discomfort and despair. As a practitioner, you are seeking to restore balance and zest for life in your patients.


Kajarin recognizes and honors that you are helping patients who are struggling with symptoms related to hormone imbalance and we are committed to providing products that can really help. In addition to selling affordable natural products and providing excellent customer service, our resources section is filled with articles, tips, and other references to support your practice.

Kajarin creams can moisturize skin, without the heavy lotion feel. Discover all the details behind our great products:








DHEA5 for Women

DHEA20 for Men

Practitioner Test Kit

Creams can be applied daily or as you direct your patient for fast, easy absorption.

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